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January 23, 2023

2 min read: (note – I won’t be sending you 3 emails every week – am letting you know about two Jan events – and my travel from Feb)

I do my best to stay away from words like good and bad, right and wrong …

The question I ask is ‘does it serve?’

Last few months I’ve been in deep review of my habits, choices, addictions, distractions …

Insta-scrolling, YouTube rabbit holes … some truly fascinating finds … but for big chunks of time I was going nowhere fast.

I did learn about dopamine though, and that all I was doing was ‘gettin’ ma fix an’ feelin’ fine’ …

Except I really wasn’t.

Can you relate?

It became really clear that these waves of habitual, momentary pleasure seeking were not serving me.

It wasn’t even porn – the hardcore (self) pleasure drug – where our ‘participation’ 10 X’s the dopamine hit … and the addiction.

I’ll leave the Porn Inquiry and the long list of detrimental effects for another time.

Suffice to say, the draining of your life force along with a massive dopamine fix that grows in need is not something that serves … your clarity, energy and purpose, your intimacy, or the world …

So how to flip the script, whatever your personal addictions and avoidances may be?

Explore what works for you each day to set you up for success, for getting shit done, for feeling on task, on track … and totally solid in heart, mind and body.

Lifting heavy. Getting a sweat on. Pushing your edge. Cold showers.

Dopamine heaven.

Attainment rewards that last for hours, in ways that truly serve (studies show that working out and cold exposure increases clarity of mind and focus time).

Maybe you got this nailed. Maybe not.

What if you could support another man to find his way and stay on track?

What if you were that man who would deeply benefit from support to just take the first step, knowing someone’s truly got your back?

What if this was pivotal to your, and his, greater success this year, across the whole spectrum of life?

Because it is.

And you know it.

Next Thursday is the day.

Join a 90min conversation and practice session with other good men:

to clarify and refine what will most serve your life, health and well being each day

to fine tune your direction, focus and action for the next weeks and months

and to offer or ask for whatever support you need to stay on the path.

An opportunity to learn, deepen, practice and serve, all in the company of conscious men committed to the same.

Please add these dates to your diary. Specifics to follow.

2023: Your Purpose, Plan & Support Structure

  • Community call: Thurs 19 Jan 6:30-8pm ACST

(details to follow – block out your diary)

  • Community meetup: Sun 29 Jan 9am to midday

(details to follow – block out your diary)

I leave for a long overseas trip Feb 6.

Sunday 29 Jan will be the last opportunity to spend time with you in person and I’d love to see you there, brother.

Thank you for considering how to make it happen.

And watch this space …

Big Love.


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