Couples Private Immersion:

Deep Relationship Transformation… Fast!!

If you’re looking for the most powerful way to fast-track your EMBODIED transformation and to take your relationship to the next level, then a personal immersion experience might be for you.

This is where you each get to really identify and focus on real world issues that come up for you time and time again… and where you can breakthrough the specific disempowering habits in communication, bodily movement and expression that get in the way of deeper connection, trust, intimacy and passion – right there, face to face with your everyday challenges exactly as they show up between you, live in the moment.

Passion ~ Freedom ~ Love ~ Desire

As you know, our deep passion is teaching the art of relating, sacred sexuality, profound embodied empowerment and to help committed, busy couples create extraordinary, passionate and deep loving relationships – alive, embodied and free.

We show you how to dissolve conflicts, let go of the past and deepen trust, connection and intimacy … how to increase sexual attraction, desire and passion … even if you’ve been together for years or have had a hard day at work! … and how to deepen lovemaking for truly connected and fulfilling sacred sex and intimacy.

Discover the secrets to living and loving deeper everyday

Our big promise to you is that in your VIP Immersion Day, you’ll get to explore and resolve your chosen BIGGEST stumbling blocks or sabotaging relationship patterns that have been preventing you from experiencing what you most want in your relating, sex and intimacy.

You’ll also get tools, practices and guidance from us on how to dive into the next level of love, freedom, sex and intimacy in the ways that you as individuals, and as a couple will find most fulfilling and liberating. Your day will be held in an impeccably safe container with us both, ensuring that you feel truly seen, felt, heard and above all empowered in the process.

We’re committed to making sure you walk away with:

  • The inner transformation you desire
  • The EXPERIENCE of what that feels like in your body
  • A practical plan to SUSTAIN the embodiment of your transformation in your every day life with each other.

Together we’ll identify and practice how to create profound and lasting change, which is essential to tackle the UNDERLYING tensions and patterns that are keeping you stuck. You’ll also discover new and empowering ways to explore your ‘edge’ in relating, in sexuality, and in life, in ways that really work for you, as individuals, and as a couple.

This continued growth, expansion and deepening of how you show up individually and as a couple, that’s what keeps your relationship ‘alive’!

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Here’s what one couple said after their Private Immersion
What did you like about working in an immersion format?


Wow… What did I like?? I liked every single thing!! It’s so incredibly powerful, it’s soooooo worthwhile to have that instant feedback at the spot. All the little tips and tricks… I felt there was nothing unseen.. Which makes it incredibly profound!


Very intense, very detailed, non-verbal communication works better face to face. Duration is longer so it is possible to dive in even deeper. The ability to do physical stuff like attention for posture etc.

What did you specifically like about working with Lisa & Mo?


I was surprised how natural it felt to be around you, it was exactly what we needed to push us to a different level

In working with Lisa and Mo in person you get to see “the real thing” right in front of you. I loved watching the interactions between you guys! I loved to see all Mo’s ways to restore polarity and It was profound witnessing Lisa opening up and no holding back.


Your openness, the willingness to share intimate play. The clear feedback, your flexible approach to what surfaces.

Would you recommend an immersion experience with Lisa & Mo to other couples? Why?


Yes! The deeper you are willing to dive, the more you’ll get out of it. I would always recommend it because I feel that Mo and Lisa have so much to offer. They are two very gifted people.


Yes, this is an excellent way of deepening relationships, to find out about dysfunctional patterns and opening up through them.

In a nutshell, Private Immersions are the best and quickest way we know how to:
  • Get to the heart of what’s holding you back in this new layer of sex and intimacy you desire FAST.
  • Cut through your self-sabotage and resolve specific issues deeply and powerfully.
  • Give you the understandings, clarity, support and personalised plan YOU need to move powerfully forward in this new way of relating.

You also get

  • Ongoing support individually and as a couple
  • Refinements to your personal and couples practices
  • Recordings, notes, exercises and more you can refer to forever…

Your Private Immersion is designed specifically for YOU