The Martial Art ... of Relationship

A Dangerously Fun Workshop for Men

with Relationship Mentor, Black Belt and Shibari Artist


The Martial Art ... of Relationship

A Dangerously Fun Workshop for Men

with Relationship Mentor, Black Belt and Shibari Artist  Mo Latin

Japanese swordswoman in a duel - Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1845)

“The true science of martial arts means practicing them in such a way that they will be

useful at any time, and to teach them in such a way that they will be useful in all things.”

Miyamoto Musashi

Japan’s Greatest Swordsman

“The true science of martial arts means practicing them in such a way that they will be useful at any time, and to teach them in such a way that they will be useful in all things.”

Miyamoto Musashi

Japan’s Greatest Swordsman

Lincoln Cotton | SOUTH Australia

"This was different from any other workshop I’ve ever done - using Martial arts training skills to allow inspiration and clarity to occur on the way we live life, the way we love others and ourselves.

'Be in the moment'. I have heard this lots, but to do it - ACTUALLY "be present" physically - has helped me feel and do it, in every day moments.

I am often a bit cheeky (smart arse) and this process centred me.

This will allow me to maintain my integrity and clarity of thought when the tough times come."

James Davidson | SOUTH Australia

"One of the most significant set of teachings I never knew I needed, and one of the best weekends of learning I have ever had in my life.

Hugely significant. I've been referring back to it almost daily with all sorts of scenarios.

For those that are contemplating attending, I can’t recommend Mo’s workshop highly enough. I have been twice and it has helped me enormously both times.

It is a very safe space with honesty and authenticity being key elements - an authentic experience that leads us to our soul rather than our story, and the ability to choose to be authentic and present at any time, with anyone.

It really helps you break through old conditioning and patterns, allowing your true inner being to shine.

Since the workshop I am committing to myself more than I have previously, returning to the present, breathing and feeling now far more consciously, and being aware of when I drift away from centre - the awareness that with a thought and a breath, I can return to the present in a single moment of focus.

Mo provides a safe yet unconventional way of meeting yourself, honestly, authentically, without ego, without limits.

The impact has been beyond words in my life so far.

A huge thank you."

David A Charles | SOUTH Australia

"I recommend "The Martial Art of Relationship' Intensive to men at any stage of their personal development journey, whether just beginning or decades down their path.

Mo's facilitation created a powerful space, that was both very transformative and also a lot of fun! I have been going to workshops for 10+ years now... with most of them being very dry and with so many being theory-based, this was SO different to that.

Diving into the physical practices and processes brought such a depth of reflections and lessons for how I am showing up in my life, my relationships and within my business, as well as practical ways to apply these lessons!

I highly recommend this workshop and working with Mo!"

The Night Attack of the Faithful Samurai (Gishi youchi zu) - 1857 - Utagawa Yoshitsuya

Train Your Body Beyond Your Mind

As men, we may often tend to think of 'relationship' as being relevant first and foremost to sex and intimacy, and perhaps not give much recognition to the importance of actively working on our everyday relationships with other men, with our children, our parents and others who are important to us. And most imprtant overall, our relationship with ourselves.

'Understanding the Feminine, Sex and Relationships’ … the book, the podcast, the video ... this may be where some men might make a start ...

These types of publications all help us as men begin to connect more deeply with our relational side, and understand, grow and evolve beyond the outdated macho stereotype of yesteryear, and the 'confused' and sometimes 'unhealthy' masculine of the 21st Century.

Intellectual understanding and finding answers to your questions is part of the path ... but you cannot become a Black Belt by reading, listening and watching from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

Many years of working with men and couples has shown clearly that understanding theory is simply not enough.

Your success in relationship with the feminine, with other men, and even with yourself, requires training the body - just as we do in the dojo - to be physically engaged ... coming face to face with the unknown variables of ever-changing dynamics, direction, and intensity ... learning to adjust, adapt and navigate whatever appears in each moment …  from the trained body ... not just the thinking mind.

In this, we are training towards a state of Mushin.

Mushin 無心  - Mu (“nothingness”) Shin (“heart”, “spirit”, or “mind”)

'No-mindedness’ - free from attachment, not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything.

You must learn through your body - beyond the mind - how to artfully navigate the unpredictable everyday challenges of life, work, relationship, sex and intimacy … and how to walk towards the unknown from your courageous warrior heart … always.

She Yearns to Feel, Trust, and Surrender

to Your Courageous Warrior Heart


"I want to commend you on the great work you do. I fuckin’ love it!!

It really helps me expand and grow.

The weapons work, the physicality of it.

The honest feedback, with non-judgement, from other men was so super important. When I’m listening to my woman now, I’m listening in a different light.

I learned a ridiculous amount over the weekend about myself and the way I am in relationship. I practice everyday and am better for the improvements!

Mo expertly brings out the best in people in a very safe way and helps men address fears front on, in a confronting but gentle and supportive way."


"First thing I thought was ‘This guy is real. Good. I’m not with a fraud.’

Really profound first day experiences particularly with the first exercise.

What was really valuable for me was to have different types of men - because there was a very diverse range of men - give me different types of feedback.

There has been changes to intimacy. Most importantly the initial effect was the ability to have a way to communicate a boundary.

It has brought us to a space where we can communicate and gain more clarity on the nature of the ‘wound’ and the degree of my contribution to it ... and it’s helped me feel alot more confident and empowered.

I’m practicing what I learned and continuing to discover inside of that.

I treasure the experience and came away from it feeling very grateful for it."

It is your Courageous

Warrior Heart

She Yearns to Feel,

Trust, and Surrender to.

Kaikoku Shugyo - Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865)

Budō 武道    "The Martial Path"

Budō 武道

"The Martial Path"

bu (武:ぶ) meaning "war" or "martial"

dō (道:どう; dào in Chinese), meaning "path" or "way",

(includes spiritual “path”)

Tai jutsu 体術  -   tai (“body”) jutsu (“practical art” or “skills”)

Refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the optimisation of natural human abilities

Relationship to SELF: balance, flow, self-awareness and body control

(feel into these as internal/external, from the body not the mind)

Tai sabaki 体さばき  - tai (“body”) sabaki (“movement”)

Relates to 'whole body movement', evading, moving and positioning the body in all planes, horizontal and vertical.

Relationship to OTHER: presence, distance, timing, responsiveness

(feel into these as spacial, physical, mental, emotional, dynamic)

Jiū Jutsu 柔術  - jiū (“gentle”, “soft”, “supple”, “flexible”, “pliable”, or “yielding”) jutsu (“practical art” or “skills”)

Based on the principle that ‘soft conquers hard’, the “gentle art” or "way of yielding" martial form evolved to allow the Samurai to fight effectively in and against heavy armour, using grappling, throws and joint locks to overcome the opponent.

Relates to artfully navigating each individual encounter with the appropriate skill, flexibility and flow required in each moment, for maximum effectiveness while using minimal effort.

Where Martial Arts Meet Relationship

This truly unique way of training men has been deeply informed by over a decade working with relationship, sex and intimacy with many men and couples around the world, twenty years dedication to traditional Japanese martial arts and many thousands of hours in personal deep-dive exploration and practice across a wide range of modalities.

  • Train your body-mind to be fully here, right now, feeling where your partner is in each moment. In relationship, she wants to feel you completely with her, fully present, connected, undistracted.
  • Practice greater awareness of your body in relationship to another. She wants to feel your awareness of all her body through yours, and to feel your sensitivity to her movement, tension and relaxation.
  • Expand your skills in handling your partner physically, with more playful confidence, body control and dynamic unpredictability. She wants to surrender to you, and to feel she can truly relax her body, mind and heart, knowing you’ve ‘got her’, physically (and emotionally)
  • Feel how your breath and bodily tension directly impacts your partner, your awareness and your inner freedom ... Learn to relax your body and expand your awareness so you can move and respond with more freedom, power and changing intensity.
  • Face your fears, grow your courageous heart, and embody your willingness to step calmly into the unknown ... the wild unpredictable feminine storm … through challenging confrontations in sword and knife training.
  • Feel how strength, resistance, and perceived ‘failure’ affect the freedom of your mind and body, and limit your ability to receive, respond and flow ... and how this makes you less available and less trustable to your intimate partner.
  • Explore which martial arts forms best serve the moment (e.g. judo vs tai chi vs ninjutsu) … and understand how this core principle applies to keep your intimate relationship, and sexual exploration, fresh and alive.
  • Discover the essence of  ‘mushin’ (‘no mind’) ... living from a sense of emptiness and freedom from thought, trusting your embodied training in each moment, navigating from the heart, belly and balls ... rather than being headstrong and rigidly sticking to a set agenda, plan or outcome ... which usually doesn’t go well in relationship!
  • Step powerfully into challenge and confrontation as though “You Are Already Dead" - a fundamental Samurai battlefield philosophy - and understand what this means in everyday relationship with woman, work and world.

Greg Barwick | SOUTH Australia

"The most valuable thing I got from today is this piece around embodiment ...

... to actually make an integrated change in my body ... 

... able to show up as a different man. 

That’s what today has given a taste of, that I can feel it in my body, and have a reference point to come back to at a later date"

JAN Turtun | SOUTH Australia

"It’s been different (since the workshop). I’ve just felt like when I’m around (my partner) , my level of presence has increased ten fold. There’s been a couple of times where she’s gotten emotional, I’ve stood my ground, reassured her and she’s felt almost immediately better. Big shifts, brother. Thank you.

I was a little skeptical when leaving that anything would flow into my real life but I was proven wrong."

Samurai and Ninjutsu Training

At this seriously fun and action-packed workshop, you will train slowly and safely in genuine Samurai and Ninjutsu unarmed, sword and knife techniques under the guidance of experienced 7th Dan Black Belt instructor and men’s mentor Mo Latin, and explore Budō teachings gained from 1000yrs of traditional Japanese battlefield martial arts.

Through this focused physical training, you’ll take away powerful insights, skills and simple practices you can immediately apply in your life, to deepen presence, trust, confidence and connection, and to live from your courageous warrior heart in your everyday life.

From these embodiment exercises you will find freedom of mind, relaxation of the body, and begin to feel the spacious, calm essence of ‘Mushin’ (no mind).

The Budō Mind  武道  

Zanshin  残心  - Zan (literally “remaining”) shin (“heart”, “mind”, “spirit”)

A state of awareness, of relaxed alertness, fully present.

Mushin 無心  - Mu (“nothingness”) Shin (“heart”, “spirit”, or in this case “mind”)

'No-mindedness’ - free from attachment, not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything.

Fudoshin 不動心  - Fudo (literally “not move”) shin (“heart”, “spirit”)

A state of equanimity or imperturbability (literally and metaphorically, "immovable mind", "immovable heart" or "unmoving heart").

“There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment.

A man's whole life is a succession of moment after moment

 There will be nothing else to do, and nothing else to pursue.

Live being true to the single purpose of the moment.”

Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Hagakure: The Secret Wisdom of the Samurai

Traditional Japanese Martial Skills You Will Explore

Battle of Okehazama - Imagawa Yoshimoto

Kenjutsu 剣術
The Art of the Legendary Samurai Sword

Precision. Grace. Honour.

Exploring Mutō Dori 無刀捕 (empty hand defence)
Facing a swordsman, unarmed, at the edge of life and death.

Deep practice for staying grounded, relaxed and courageous in the face of adversity, bringing many invaluable lessons.

"Mental calmness, not skill, is the sign of a mature samurai."

Tsukahara Bokuden

Legendary 16th Century Swordsman

Osaka nichinichi shinbun Meiji 8-nen [unnumbered] Sashimi murder-suicide  "A husband should not allow his affections to stray to other women. A certain couple in Tatsuno, Banshu (present-day Hyogo prefecture) employed a female servant named Take. The husband fell in love with her and went to sleep with her every night. The wife was moved by deep jealousy and she spent her nights alone in tears. On April 15, while the husband was away, the wife summoned Take and stabbed her to death. She then gouged out the dead woman's genitals, sliced them and placed them on a platter. When the husband returned, she served it to her husband as hors d'ourvres. When he asked where the dish had come from, the wife replied, 'It was a gift from someone.' After he had finished the snack, he looked at his wife and saw her covered with blood and dead. While he had been eating, she had killed herself." (MS)

Kaiken (dagger) - hidden weapon of choice for women. Beware ...

Tantojutsu 短刀術   Tanto (“short blade”) Jutsu (“practical art” or “skills”)

"Tanto" (knife) or "Kaiken" (dagger): Primary use was for close-up self defence, and to penetrate armour.

Tantojutsu carries a very high risk of being cut, and so is an excellent martial art form to sharpen presence, full-body awareness, responsiveness, relaxed flow … and maintain a calm, spacious mind … all as a metaphor for courageously stepping into uncomfortable confrontation ... committing fully … with the feeling of ‘already dead’ … the way of the Samurai.

"Keep death in mind at every possible moment."

Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Hagakure: The Secret Wisdom of the Samurai

Ninja Assassination - Toyokuni Kunisada (1786-1864)

Ninjutsu 忍術   Nin (“stealth” or "endure") Jutsu (“practical art” or “skills”)

Stealth, secrecy, cunning, endurance, perseverance, survival …

Ninjutsu utilises whatever is at hand, looks for openings and opportunities, finding weapons in everything, using dynamic movement, deception, changing direction, and appearing ... or disappearing ... in places unexpected ...

Conscious Physical Engagement With Other Men Awakens The Warrior Heart

Through presence, respect and challenge, with courage and with honour,

each man trains to serve the other, to bring out the very best in all.

At a deep, primal and genetic level The Warrior knows that the day may come

where we may fight, protect, and even die ... side by side …

“The Way of the Samurai is found in death. This is the substance of the Way of the Samurai.

If by setting one’s heart right every morning and evening, one is able to live

as though his body were already dead, he gains freedom in the Way.”

Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Hagakure: The Secret Wisdom of the Samurai

Miyamoto Musashi - Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1843-1847)

Learn Skills, Tools and Practices

to instantly deepen relationship, sex and intimacy, keeping it fresh, healthy and alive.

  • Sharpening Presence
  • Internal and external Awareness
  • Deepening Connection
  • Improved sense of Timing
  • Responsiveness to now
  • Flexibility and flow
  • Dynamic movement
  • Giving and receiving changes in intensity
  • Modulating appropriate response
  • Body control of self and other
  • Receiving bodily feedback
  • Inner calm
  • Emotional stability in the face of fear
  • Ability to adapt and change direction
  • Creativity in the moment
  • Freedom of mind
  • Committing to action
  • Stepping courageously into the unknown
  • Pressing beyond believed limitations
  • Letting go of mistakes and moving on ...

“Today is victory over yourself of yesterday. Tomorrow is victory over lesser men.”

Miyamoto Musashi

Japan’s Greatest Swordsman

Tyson Asker | SOUTH Australia

"The last week has been intense. As I mentioned my wife and I had started arguing before I attended the workshop last Sunday.

Things were really rocky and in a bad place, and the first few days after I found myself falling back into my old routine and habits (when we are arguing).

Things were at the point where I had my bags packed ready to leave.

However as easy as it would be to walk away, I dropped back into the practices we learned at the workshop which helped me keep focused and helped her feel connected and heard.

It wasn't easy, I have an added factor with my wife that she suffers from mental health issues.
 Sometimes this makes it virtually impossible to connect with her when we are arguing.

However I now have more options and tools within my arsenal to help break through in those moments.

I am 100% confident that if I hadn't had the practices from your workshop to help me focus and make her feel heard and supported that my marriage would have dissolved over the last week.

I can't thank you enough."

Conscious Physical Engagement

With Other Men


The Warrior Heart

Raohl Parry | SOUTH Australia

"What I took from the session was to embody the masculine ... embrace it, and let it come to the surface rather than suppressing it. And then also sitting with my emotions and feeling more as well.

Seeing how other men can be so open and raw with themselves and others, without even knowing anyone. That was inspiring."

In this Martial Arts based workshop, you will …

  • Train your bodymind to be fully here, now, feeling exactly where your partner is in each moment, allowing relaxed, fluid responsiveness.
  • Practice greater body awareness of self and other, of grounded balance and flow, through physical engagement with another … and learn how resistance, tension and perceived ‘failure’ affect the freedom of your mind and body (and make you less trustable to your intimate partner).
  • Expand your skills in handling your partner physically, with more playful confidence, control and dynamic unpredictability (which she will love) … through embodied practice of tai jutsu, tai sabaki and ninjutsu skills.
  • Explore which martial arts approach best serves the moment (e.g. judo vs tai jitsu vs ninjutsu) … and how this principle applies to keep your intimate relationship and sexual explorations fresh and alive.
  • Develop greater freedom of mind, non-attachment, learning to let go … and to use whatever is there in the moment, adapting as it changes, realising there is no ‘getting it wrong’ ...
  • Understand how your breath and bodily tension directly impacts your awareness, your partner, your inner freedom, and your ability to feel, flow and respond.

“From now on you must strive to cut out unnecessary movement.

Waste in movement is wrong and will get you killed.”

Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi

Bujinkan Sōke | 34th Grandmaster of Togakure-ryu Ninjutsu

  • Explore how movement is essential to relating, to easily flow through your partner's resistance, and your own ... and how stuckness (of both body and mind) always results in some form of death!
  • Grow your courageous heart, and your willingness to step calmly into the wild unpredictable feminine storm … through the challenging confrontation of tantojutsu - the art of knife fighting.
  • Understand the deeper meaning of entering confrontation as though “You Are Already Dead" - a fundamental Samurai battlefield philosophy - and what this means in relationship with woman and world.
  • Practice freeing the mind, heart and body to be fully available for yourself and your partner, being ok with whatever is here now, responding freely in each moment with relaxed body, open heart, empty mind.
  • Explore the essence of  ‘mushin’ (‘no mind’) ... living from a sense of emptiness and freedom from thought, navigating from the heart and body ... rather than being headstrong, and rigidly sticking to a set agenda, plan or outcome.
  • Discover which martial arts forms (e.g. Karate vs Tai Chi) would serve to expand your character, expression & personal evolution, beyond the limits of your current physical habits and emotional bandwidth.

"The approach to combat and everyday life should be the same."

Miyamoto Musashi

Japan’s Greatest Swordsman

Steve Hayter | SOUTH Australia

"Thanks Mo. it exceeded my expectations.

I really enjoyed the dots you connected between the self discipline of martial arts and how some of those techniques translate into tools for complimenting and supporting the sacred feminine.

It was on point!"

Chris Blackmore | SOUTH Australia

"Mo facilitates a space for men to explore using both weapons and empty hands to fine tune techniques in both defence and offense. This brings powerful learning and practice in how to stay grounded physically, energetically and emotionally in the heart space while being able to hold one's ground in the face of adversity

The sword fighting really challenged me on my technique and judging of distance, but also kept me in my centre when attacking and when defending. It showed me just how courageous I can be.

I enjoyed the interaction of eye-to-eye contact, deep energetic connection and the genuine feedback each man offered after each exercise to benefit our technique.

When we all became too complacent/comfortable, we were then challenged in the moment to break our centre and come back into the present regardless... I found this challenging but really enjoyable and deeply beneficial.

Most valuable insight was that I am a lot more present than I give myself credit and how others perceive me is very different to how I perceive myself. This highlighted my monkey mind to me and showed me how much I inspire others without realising it.

My main intention in coming along was to step more into my masculine, to take action. To show up on that level. I have found myself to be a lot more grounded and present in my thoughts and actions and am able to step back and observe more before I take action and as a result react far less.

I’ve found it easier to speak more openly and honestly, and calmly, particularly if there’s been any perceived tension or disagreements … then I’ve been able to just honestly and openly talk about it without getting angry.

The biggest takeaway … and multiple men said this in various ways … was to get out of my head and back into my heart. What I got was a really simple technique of how I can maintain this in a daily practice.

The energy I felt the workshop unlocked ... in one word ... Mojo. I got my Mojo back. I got that flow back"

The Martial Art... of Relationship

A Dangerously Fun Workshop for Men

Core Principles | Dojo Training | Personal Practices

9:30am-5pm  ::  27-28 Nov 2021
Tara Buddhist Hall
Magill, Adelaide, SA 5072
(Click here to view venue)

Early Bird $397 (until November 14th)
Regular Ticket $497
Alumni (Previous Attendees) $297


LOW INCOME? If you are unemployed or on a low wage, click the button above and make a donation.

This is an honour system to be respected, and for you to also honour whatever you can truly give towards the regular ticket price without leaving yourself short for life‘s essentials.

Nikkō Shrine in Nikkō, Japan - Mo Latin (2017)

The Venue

Tara Buddhist Hall

Mats. Weapons. Playtime.

Important Safety Information

The workshop exercises are based on traditional martial arts techniques, but there will not be punches or kicks that land with any strength, or any throws or painful joint locks.

The intention of the exercises is to train you to be totally present and focused on your partner: to feel rather than think, to respond from your body not from your mind, and to move fluidly, confidently and decisively with balance, flow and grace – all of which apply to your physical, emotional and intellectual interactions with your intimate partner ... ( ... and everybody else).

Some techniques may have the potential for injury if you play too hard, so it is very important that you follow and respect all instructions given.

We will be training just as we do in the dojo, on mats and with safe practice weapons.

You will be guided to serve and protect your training partner to ensure maximum learning, with safety as top priority.

This will be moderately physically demanding. All fitness levels welcome.

About Bujinkan


“Hall of the Divine Warrior”

(武  martial    神  Gods or deities    館  hall)

The Bujinkan is an organisation of Japanese martial arts, merging the knowledge, training and fighting skills of 6 Samurai Ryu (‘ryu’ = schools or disciplines) and 3 Ninjutsu Ryu.

These nine schools were inherited by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi from Grandmaster Toshitsugu Takamatsu after his passing in 1972.

The Bujinkan was founded in 1974 by Dr. Hatsumi, 34th GrandMaster of the 900 year old Tokagure Ryu (school).

These martial art traditions passed down through many generations are not a competition sport, with sparring for points or submissions like judo or karate, but a collection of battlefield skills and training in sword, knife, staff, spear and many other weapons.

Bujinkan is a way of life, of survival, and of mindset around responsiveness, flexibility and flow, of being open to new ways of seeing and doing, of changing direction, technique and tactics until you find a way that works, and of the inner peace and spaciousness required for the inevitable unknown.

Commitment to a life of training in martial arts can be described as “Shugyō” 修行 literally translated as “conducting oneself in a way that inspires mastery” or  “determined training that fosters enlightenment”.

"Your life is on the line, practice well."

Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi

Bujinkan Sōke | 34th Grandmaster of Togakure-ryu Ninjutsu

Training under 86yr old Bujinkan Sōke Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi,  34th Grandmaster of Togakure-ryu Ninjutsu, at his Honbu (headquarters) in Noda, Japan

About Mo Latin

Relationship Mentor | Black Belt | Shibari Artist

Mo left school at 17 to join the London music industry, against careers advice warning that he should ‘get a proper job’ …

Gifted with an ear for deep and detailed listening, and intrigued by human behaviour and artful self-expression, Mo has worked with top performers, artists and leading creatives from around the world for over 30 years, successfully helping them extract their unique brilliance, path and purpose, to live aligned and embodied in their greatest personal and professional potential.

20+ years in the London music industry as a musician, freelance recording engineer and music producer, eliciting ever better performance and expression from international recording artists, alongside 10 years as an international trainer/assessor for industry qualifications in music production and multi-track recording.

10+ years producing digital media and over 300 world-class live events with highly-acclaimed International speakers, authors and leaders in business, relationship and spirituality, including Anthony Robbins, Dr. John Demartini (more at AskTheAVPro), and currently as audio producer and workshop assistant with David Deida.

This was a period of massive growth, immersed in thousands of hours of intensive, high-level trainings (worth hundreds of thousands of dollars), with the opportunity to observe, experience and learn from the deep and profound work of worlds’ best in personal, relationship, business and spiritual development.

After 20 years training, Mo has attained 7th dan as a Black Belt instructor in traditional Japanese martial arts (Bujinkan – from Samurai and Ninjutsu lineage), he is also a studious practitioner of Shibari, and has a growing global following for his distinctive sensual photography.

Now based in Australia, Mo’s clients today are extraordinary entrepreneurs and leading creatives from all over the world, already highly successful, yet seeking something more – deeper personal fulfilment, to serve with more meaningful impact, to live a truly embodied life, to enjoy greater freedom, authenticity and alignment in everyday interpersonal engagement, purposeful business, open-hearted relationship and deeply connected sexual intimacy.

Mo has built a truly unique lifestyle business, deeply aligned to his values and passions, he shares an extraordinary, playful and passionate relationship (and business - Living Loving Deeper) with his partner Lisa Page, and works with clients from around the world to do the same.

Training under 86yr old Bujinkan Sōke Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi,
34th Grandmaster of Togakure-ryu Ninjutsu, at his Honbu
(headquarters) in Noda, Japan