Trusting your gut … your intuition … your body wisdom … 

Moon of the Ruins - Tsuki Hyakushi no.30 - Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 1886

Trusting your gut ... your intuition ... your body wisdom ...

This is a natural part of who we are ... an inherent part of human 'being' ... that can guide us in when to be on guard and when we can relax ... when to move or be still ... when the right moment is to approach ... or to keep our distance ...

... except our info-saturated, digitized, hi-tech ways of being have trained us to live more from the head ... from logic and reason ... to allow the mind to lead ... to rationalise everything ... to try and think our way through everyday challenging interpersonal situations.

For the most part, there's little attention on feeling deeper into each moment, through full breath, relaxed body, spacious mind ... with perhaps even a disconnection or hesitancy in trusting our innate body wisdom to guide us in navigating our interactions with another ... the mind really just getting in the way of a richer, deeper, more connected experience.

Many may not consciously realise the significance in this distinction ... and many others deeply crave this level of interaction to bring a rare richness of connection to everyday existence ... something that is available in every single moment ... even when alone.

This way of being takes courage ... trust ... the willingness to allow space ... the awareness to take long, slow, full breaths ... to wait ... just a moment ... instead of habitually filling all perceived gaps with words, thoughts or movement ... or a nervous neediness to know or be certain of what’s next ...

This way of being also requires practice.

Being in this spacious uncertainty evokes a certain spark of aliveness ... an awakening to the present (which we may in fact actively practice avoiding!) ... a vibrant engagement with whoever we are partnered with right there and then, in finding our way to dance together at the edge of the unknown.

This fundamental life skill is often overlooked, not given much time, perhaps even avoided because of a belief, or the experience, that it may be too risky, too real, too raw ... to dare to engage in this way of being.

What’s also true is that we know how deeply delicious it can be to truly connect with another in a timeless moment ... not quite knowing where it’s going ... but being willing to be fully in the unfolding.


This is where the real juice is in relationships of any kind ... the human experience ... the feeling of coming alive with another ... trusting ... open ... unguarded ... creating what's next while in tune with the other ...

It is this that can bring depth, richness and vitality to each moment.

So how can you explore and practice these skills in a place of deep trust and safety, step by step, learning when you are in tune with your deeper body wisdom, and when you are not ... learning what each way of being feels like in your body ... and deepening embodied self trust through this experience?

This is a significant part of the training we explore at the upcoming 'Martial Art of Relationship' men’s weekend intensive, using various dynamic levels of martial arts practices to slow down the mind ... to train the body to feel another across the room ... to trust a deeper knowing ... to allow a relaxed wisdom to arise ... informing where to go next ...

Learn and practice real life skills to expand your capacities and bandwidth in everyday interactions ... your offerings to the world ... your parenting ... your intimacy ...

Train your body beyond your mind ...

The Martial Art... of Relationship

A Dangerously Fun Workshop for Men

Lincoln Cotton | South Australia

"This was different from any other workshop I’ve ever done - using Martial arts training skills to allow inspiration and clarity to occur on the way we live life, the way we love others and ourselves.

'Be in the moment'. I have heard this lots, but to do it - ACTUALLY "be present" physically - has helped me feel and do it, in every day moments.

I am often a bit cheeky (smart arse) and this process centred me.

This will allow me to maintain my integrity and clarity of thought when the tough times come."

Greg Barwick | South Australia

"The most valuable thing I got from today is this piece around embodiment ...

... to actually make an integrated change in my body ...

... able to show up as a different man.

That’s what today has given a taste of, that I can feel it in my body, and have a reference point to come back to at a later date"

Jan Turtun | South Australia

"It’s been different (since the workshop). I’ve just felt like when I’m around (my partner) , my level of presence has increased ten fold. There’s been a couple of times where she’s gotten emotional, I’ve stood my ground, reassured her and she’s felt almost immediately better. Big shifts, brother. Thank you.

I was a little skeptical when leaving that anything would flow into my real life but I was proven wrong."

Luke Di Sessa | South Australia

“I cannot recommend this highly enough! the training from this weekend for me has turned into everyday practice and has such a positive impact on my being and my relationships. Get amongst it men, do yourself a favour! And its fun too!!”

The Martial Art... of Relationship

A Dangerously Fun Workshop for Men